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EA PC games could be returning to the Steam store

(Image credit: Bioware)

Love EA games, hate the Origin PC games launcher? Then you may be in luck – eight years after EA yanked its titles from Valve's Steam storefront, the EA catalogue could be once again returning to the ever-popular Steam.

The rumor originates from a cryptic tweet from EA, showing a coffee cup bubbling with wisps of, you guessed it... steam:

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It follows a previous spot from Twitter user @robotbrush, who discovered a test application that would let Origin games run on Steam:

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Mass return?

Since Origin's introduction eight years ago, all first-party EA games have launched on the PC exclusively through the Origin platform. And though EA's catalogue of games is still full of enjoyable titles, the launcher itself has few fans.

If the rumor is true, EA is likely to follow in the footsteps of Ubisoft, which allows gamers to buy its titles through Steam, which then must be validated and launched through its own UPlay application.

Bringing EA games back to Steam could see the likes of FIFA, Battlefield and the Mass Effect franchise return to Valve's games library, perhaps even in time for the release of  Jedi: Fallen Order