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Three unveils cheapest iPad data plan yet

Three joins in the iPad data party
Three joins in the iPad data party

Despite being slightly late to the party, Three has announced data plans for the Apple iPad - and they're miles cheaper than the others on offer.

Three has taken the simple approach to iPad data, with two plans on offer: £7.50 per month for 1GB of data, and £15 per month for 10GB.

Compare the latter option to Vodafone (£25 per month for just 5GB) and Orange (£25 for 10GB), and you can see it's a pretty good deal indeed.

Admittedly in the latter case you also get Wi-Fi thrown in too, but that's only 750MB fair use - we'd much rather have £10 less to pay per month and make do with 3G instead.

The other cool element of Three's offer is there's no fixed term plan - you pay monthly and can cancel whenever you want.

You don't get the easy way of doing so through the iPad as with O2, but with the iPad deal on Three you can cancel at any time, without the need for a 30 day notice period. Payment is taken each month which will give you data for the following 30 days, until you choose to cancel.

We're looking into why this is so much cheaper than the other networks' offerings, but it seems if you're after iPad data Three is miles out in front for the heavier data user.

Gareth Beavis

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