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Apple is raising prices in App Store and in-app purchases in India and elsewhere

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Apple has announced that the company is going to increase the price of apps and in-app purchases in the App Store. The company is doing this in India, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Russia, and South Africa. 

The company has up until now converted the pricing of the US dollars to the respective currencies. But now it seems like the pricing will include the taxation components from the specific countries. 

New pricing in App-Store

The new pricing in the App Store changes were announced by Apple in a blog on its own website. These new prices ensure that the exchange rates of the different currencies are factored in along with the different taxes levied. 

The blog mentions that, “Prices of apps and in-app purchases (excluding auto-renewable subscriptions) will also be adjusted in Iceland and Albania to align with pricing used in other markets selling in U.S. dollars with value-added tax.”

For India specifically, the blog mentions that, “New equalization levy of 2% (in addition to the existing goods and services tax of 18%).” Apple also mentions that the updated price tier charts can also be downloaded now. 

Appealing App Store violations

These are not the only software changes Apple has made recently, it also announced that developers can appeal App Store violations and guidelines. This was mentioned in the 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which the company followed through. 

In a post on its developer website Apple said the changes to the app review process would for the continued creation of high quality, reliable applications. Crucially, applications that have been found to have violated the guidelines will no longer be blocked from submitting security updates.

“For apps that are already on the App Store, bug fixes will no longer be delayed over guideline violations except for those related to legal issues. You’ll instead be able to address guideline violations in your next submission,” it said.

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