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Another Poco device has been teased for launch before year end

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After much fanfare the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi launched the Poco X3 smartphone in India sometime back. And it looked like the company was done with its Poco smartphone launches for this year. 

As it happens, however, the Product Marketing Manager and Global Spokesperson of Poco took to Twitter to announce that the company is not done on this yet, technically indicating that there may be another Poco smartphone coming before the year is out.

Speculated Poco smartphone

And following this tweet a smartphone was spotted certified with the Euroasian Economic Commission, which could be the smartphone in question here. It comes with the model number M2010J19SC which is an unfamiliar one. This indicates that it is probably not another existing Xiaomi smartphone which will launch globally as a Poco smartphone.

(Image credit: EEC)

But some reports claim that the smartphone model number is similar to some of the Xiaomi devices. This could mean that the Poco smartphone could be a Xiaomi smartphone that is yet to launch. And the yet to be announced Redmi Note 10 smartphone could very well be a probable candidate for this.

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While Poco has tried to stand apart from the Xiaomi brand, it still uses Xiaomi’s facilities to manufacture its devices. And if rumors are to be believed, the Redmi Note 10 will apparently feature Snapdragon 750G SoC along with 108-megapixel camera, and 33W fast-charging.

Considering that it is possible that Poco could be launching the Poco F2 which would be the successor to the Poco F1 these specs seem unusual. The Poco F1 featured flagship grade specs which is precisely why it sold as much. These specifications mean that its successor would have to take a step down from that legacy. This would end up hurting the brand and the image it has created with the launch of the Poco F1.

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