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5 best-looking smartphones available in India

In recent years, we have seen some breathtaking smartphone designs that reflect the future of the smartphones. The technology running inside a smartphone has taken a huge leap over the years, and the smartphone design also went through different seasons. Not just design, but the build of the smartphones today is way more advanced than what it was then.

From plastic to metal and then glass, the designing and styling of a smartphone has always been among the top priority of OEMs. In a market like India, 80 per cent of smartphone buyers prefer to touch and feel the the device before they shed their cash for it. So naturally, the age old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is not applicable here. For us it is almost impossible not to take an account of how a smartphone looks.

Last year was a great year in terms of smartphone design but 2017 is going to be even better for those who like good-looking smartphone. The new bezel-less culture is forcing OEMs to come up with designs that can compete with svelte smartphone designs like Mi Mix, Samsung Galaxy S8, Xperia XZ Premium, and more.

If you are in for an eye-catching smartphone, then you are at the right place. Here are the 5 best-looking smartphones available in India.

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1/5 Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has dominated the smartphone market with its Galaxy S series from a long time now. One big reason behind the success of S-series is the design that Samsung offers on these smartphones.

The latest entrant, Galaxy S8 has been hearing all good things about its design. It comes with an all-new Infinity display that takes away the front bezels and buttons from the front panel. The company continues to offer the curved edges to add up to the beauty. The Galaxy S8 is made up of glass on the front and the back panel, with a metal rim running around the sides. Despite of a fragile looking design and fingerprint friendly body, the S8 still manages to top the chart of the best looking smartphones till date.

2/5 iPhone 7 Plus

Apple's last iPhone launch showed minimal changes in the design over the predecessor. As Apple continued to offer the same aluminium design that we saw on the iPhone 6s. But the iPhone 7 Plus this time has an extra camera baked on the back, and the ugly antennae lines are now finally replaced with Integrated Antennas placed smartly on the top and bottom.

There is no doubt that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus still offer a premium look and feel despite of the repeated design language. The iPhone 7 Plus is still one of the finest looking smartphone in the market right now. To be specific, the new Jet black and Black colour variants are the ones that take the style a notch higher.

3/5 LG G6

Taking a cue from the Mi Mix, LG also chopped the extra bezels on the flagship G6 and came up with a metal glass body this time. The new G6 looks totally revamped in terms of look and feel over last year’s flagship LG G5.

The rear panel is protected by Gorilla Glass 5, which gives it a glossy finish. The dual camera protrusion has is removed and the smartphone now fits a bigger display in the same size. It’s not easy to fit a 5-7-inch display in such form factor. The frame is made up of good quality metal that feels solid and looks premium. There are slight curves on the back panel, which makes it feel smooth and comfortable in hand.

4/5 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Out of all the smartphones in the the list, Galaxy S7 Edge is the only smartphone that has completed a year in the market. Despite of several flagship launches after S7 Edge, it is still one of the most premium looking smartphones in the market.

The Galaxy S7 Edge is so gorgeous that its powerful hardware is often ignored by many. There are only few smartphones that can be sold solely by its looks, and S7 is one of them. Galaxy S8 has now stole some of that charm though. It also has a glass and metal design with soft curves on both front and back. The edge display with AMOLED technology adds some extra life to the look of the phone.

5/5 HTC U Ultra

HTC is one of the most trusted brands in the Indian smartphone market, although the sales tell a different story altogether. Last couple of years have been harsh on HTC as Chinese smartphone companies started popping up to build their market in the country. If we ignore this fact and take a look at HTC’s history, we will find some great overall devices.

Like Samsung, HTC has also played actively in the design department. We can say this by looking at the recently launched HTC U Ultra. The company has ditched metal and used glass to design this smartphone. It comes with ‘Liquid Surface’, as HTC calls it, which gives an attractive depth effects by placing a colour sheets under the glass. The smartphone may not have the best specifications for its price but it surely has a design that can flatter you right away.

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