Stray Clementine: how to find her in the nightclub

Stray Clementine: the cat isn't allowed in the nightclub
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In one of the final chapters of Stray, Clementine requires a surprising amount of legwork to track down. Thankfully, despite the police quartering off her apartment, she's left you a trail leading to a specific Midtown hangout: the nightclub.

In order to find the all-important robot Clementine, you’ll need to make your way into the nightclub. This can be tricky enough as an android - let alone as a small ginger cat, as you may have learned if you tried to enter the club earlier on in the story. 

While Stray’s fluffy protagonist does spend a great deal of time getting into places where cats shouldn’t be. Whether it's finding energy drinks or safe codes, this time there's going to be a bit more of a challenge. The bouncer outside will not help you, proving just as intractable as Stray's cryptic language

This means it’s up to you to use every ounce of your feline wit to find your way into the club - and we’re here to help you not to waste your nine lives doing so.

Stray Clementine: how to track her down

Stray Clementine: how to get into the nightclub

Stray Clementine: the back entrance to the nightclub

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You'll need to ignore the front door to get into the club. 

First, you'll need to interact with all the Robots outside to gain vital information. 

You'll need to talk to every Robot since the interactions cause another robot, Latekila, to make his way to the roof. 

Stray Clementine: the garbage bin you need to jump on to start climbing into the club

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Next, follow the narrow alleyway next to the club, near the front entrance, where you meet the Bouncer. 

Head down the alleyway. Keep your eyes peeled and look towards the roof. You should see a Robot on the roof swinging his legs. Make your way up to him by taking advantage of the nearby pipes to jump towards this robot. 

You'll bump into Alex, who will be near an open window on the way. He'll then invite you inside, where you can jump through the window and enter the nightclub. 

Stray Clementine: how to find her

Stray Clementine: the cat finds a strange drink in the club

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Once you get inside the club, it won't be immediately apparent where Clementine is. To reach her, you'll have to find your way to the VIP section in the upper portion of the nightclub. 

To do this, you'll need to use one of the hologram projectors showing robo-dancers as a lift to get to the upper floor. 

First off, speak to the Bartender. He'll confirm that someone called Blazer reserved the VIP section. 

Next, pinch the Strange Drink found on the left–hand corner of the bar. You'll need it later.  

Stray Clementine: the cat gives the drink to Fripp the robot

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Head off in search of the stage. 

You'll run into some robots along the wall next to the stage. Chat to Fripp, pictured above, and he'll offer to trade you a lever for one of the hologram projectors in exchange for a drink. 

This is when the Strange Drink comes in. 

Stray Clementine: the cat places the lever in the club

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Offer it to Fripp, and he'll give you a Lever Handle. 

Then, head back to the stage and find two contraptions on either side of the DJs. One of them is missing a Lever Handle and needs a replacement. 

Install the Lever Handle, hop on it to lower the projector, and then jump on top before the DJ comes back to undo your work. 

Stray Clementine: the cat at the controls of the rafters

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This will take you to the top of the nightclub. 

From here, you'll be able to access three buttons, each of which changes the position of parts of the overhead lighting. 

You can try to figure this out on your own, but if you'd like the solution, hit the button on the far right and then the button on the far left. 

Stray Clementine: the cat walks across the rafters

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Once you've done this, the lights should be rearranged in such a way as to allow you to cross to the VIP area. Follow the fixtures around to the left, and you'll see Blazer. Follow him inside, and you'll shortly reach Clementine.  

Now that the cat's out of the bag, you should have no trouble making your way into Stray's Midtown nightclub and finding Clementine. 

You'll be a whisker away from her hiding place in no time. In the meantime, why not try one of Stray's best features, a cat nap, as a reward? 

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