Where to find the Stray Energy drinks and vending machines

Stray energy drinks: Street scene from Stray at night with neon signs lighting up storefronts
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Stray energy drinks are a currency you'll need early on in the game, once you reach The Slums chapter. These can be exchanged for several goods that will help you fill out your collectible. 

Stray is capturing everyone’s attention right now as the hot new PS5 console exclusive – even real word cats are becoming mesmerized by its magic. There’s plenty to engage with too as it’s full to the brim with collectibles, giving you a reason to explore the forgotten city you’re tasked with navigating. While your ultimate goal is to get out of the sprawling urban landscape, it’s worth taking your time and finding all of the nooks and crannies for little bits of extra story and lore. 

The energy drinks aren’t exactly collectibles themselves that recur throughout the game, however, they are used to get you some key collectibles that will help you fill out your experience. 

If you have recently picked up the game or are playing through a PS Plus Premium free trial, and want to 100% complete Stray, you’re going to need to collect all four of the energy drinks strewn around the Slums and trade them with Azooz, the trader. Here’s where you can find all four if you need a hand.

Stray energy drinks

Stray energy drinks: What are they for and where to find them

Stray energy drinks: the vat barters with the Azooz

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The Energy drinks come from vending machines that you will find around the labyrinthian Slums. Don’t worry, once you find them, they're free, so you don’t need money or anything. 

You use energy drinks to trade for goods with Azooz. For three, you can unlock a new memory fragment, whereas you can get one of the eight music pages in the level for just one can.

Energy Drink #1

Stray energy drinks: a vending machine across from the musician robot.

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The first energy drink is not too difficult to find, as it’s right next to where you start in the Slums. Head left of the Guardian and down the stairs. On the left will be a robot with a guitar, and across from him will be a vending machine. All you have to do is interact with it to get an energy drink. 

Energy Drink #2

Stray energy drinks: the cats looks at a robot watching tv.

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For the second energy drink, you’re going to want to head back from where you started. Double back on yourself and navigate the winding alleyways until you reach a robot watching a TV. Move immediately up from there. Once you are above where the robot is sitting, you should see a vending machine on a balcony. 

Stray energy drinks: the cat is next to a vending machine.

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Energy Drink #3

Stray energy drinks: the cat on a rooftop garden with a vending machine in the background.

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The next can is not too far away from the last. Keep climbing up the buildings until you reach the rooftops. Look for the bright orange sign (which leads to Momo’s apartment. The vending machine is down and left of that sign on a building slightly in front of it. Head over and get your energy drink. 

Energy Drink #4

Stray energy drinks: the cat next to a vending machine with RIP Humans next to it.

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The last energy drink is relatively easy to get to. From where you start in front of the Guardian, turn around and head the way you came into the Slums. Then take the final right before the dead end. There is a vending machine here next to graffiti that says 'RIP Humans', which is also a memory fragment so pick that up while you are here. 

That’s all you need to know about energy drinks. Once you have them all, you can head back to the trader and hand them in for the sheet music and the memory fragment. Good work, you’re on your way to collecting everything in Stray! And while you're here, why not check out our guide on how to add mods to Stray?

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