How to install Stray mods

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Stray mods are the perfect way to spice up the detective game where you play a cat in a backpack solving mysteries in a city populated by robots.

Everyone from cat aficionados to meme enthusiasts has been enjoying Stray, the much-beloved cyberpunk feline simulator from BlueTwelve Studio. Even literal cats have been entranced by the distinctive visuals. However, as with any hit game, intrepid modders have already begun to offer their own permutations to Stray’s formula. Thanks to the hard work of the modding community, owners of Stray on PC are free to use add-ons to make their experience with the game truly unique.  

The majority of the Stray mods are simple aesthetic changes to the feline protagonist. However, other modders have been hard at work on tweaks and upgrades to the game’s graphics. Language mods have even started to appear, adding painstaking translations to bring Stray to a wider audience. There’s even a splitscreen mod, if you can believe it. 

Fortunately for all of us feline fans, installing Stray mods is fairly straightforward. Our guide will show you how to use Nexus Mods and where to put those pesky files. Though some mods are more complicated than others, there are some universal tips that'll help you navigate the modding process. You’ll have the customized cat of your dreams in no time at all.    

Stray mods guide

Stray mods: how to install them

Stray mods, Siamese cat in Stray using a mode to replace the game's ginger cat

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Though it can vary from mod to mod, the basic principles behind installing stray mods are relatively simple. First off, you'll need to find your way over to the Stray page on Nexus Mods. Here, you'll be able to see a whole range of different add-ons. Simply find one you like, navigate to the mod's page, and click the 'manual' download button on the left–hand side of the screen.  

In many cases, you'll need to drop some files somewhere inside the Stray folder on your PC. You can find this folder by right–clicking Stray in your Steam library and selecting 'Browse Local Files'. Return to the add-on's Nexus Mod's page, and you'll find instructions outlining exactly where the files you just downloaded need to go. Some mods require you to delete existing files and replace them with mod files, so be sure to read the instructions carefully. 

Most of the time, modding your game will be a simple matter of downloading the mod and placing your new files wherever the instructions tell you. Sometimes this might require several steps, but the basic principle is always the same. 

Stray mods: tips

Stray Mods, Tabby grey cat wearing backpack in Stray as a mod for the game's original orange cat

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the absolute key thing to do before modding any game is to back up your save file, so that you don't lose your progress if the mod breaks something in your game. To do that you'll need to know where to find the Stray save file location on your PC.

The majority of the cosmetic mods require you to drag a .pak file into the 'Paks' folder. This folder can be found within the 'Content' folder which, in turn, may be found in the 'Hk_project' folder. If in doubt, Windows File Explorer does have a search function that will allow you to track the folders down if they're not quite where you expect them to be.

More complex mods, however, are likely to have a more complex list of instructions. The Splitscreen mod, for instance, requires you to download the UnrealModLoader and use it to launch the game once the mod is installed. Though there is no hard and fast guide to installing these mods, more complicated add-ons will require more work.

With these tips and tricks at your side, you're well on your way to enjoying the custom Stray experience that you deserve.

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