Stray plants: where are the purple, red and yellow flowers

Stray plants - robots root around under a red plant tree
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Are you struggling to get your paws on Stray plants for a certain plant-collecting robot?

While you'll spend quite a bit of time locating weird, forgotten, or misplaced things in Stray (or maybe just trying to grab every Stray trophy you can), some of them are a bit harder to run down than others. I got stuck on a couple of the Stray energy drinks that evaded my feline wiles, though I eventually found them with a little bit of help. And don't even ask me how long it took to figure out how to get past the paint-slinging robots to get my Stray poncho and keep my whiskers exploring new areas.

Thankfully, I found there were lots of tips to help meow-t when I needed them most while progressing through the streets of the cyberpunk future. If you find yourself wasting one of your nine lives trying to find everything you need, try to shake off the sleepiness from your well-deserved cat nap and get looking for those rare plants before they grow out of reach.

Stray plants

Stray plants: Where to find Malo

Stray plants - the cat visits the robot Malo

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Wandering the streets of Stray will introduce you to a variety of characters – many of them robots – and among them is a rare plant-collecting robot named Malo. Located in Antvillage, you'll have to find Zbaltazar first and have a chat with him in order to progress your story. He's looking all zen with a bunch of screens around, so he shouldn't be too difficult to pick out. He'll stop you before you get too far past him anyways.

Once you've spoken with him you'll be able to find Malo on the level above Zbaltazar, right near the top of the structure. All the plants they have around will be a dead giveaway. It doesn't make any difference if you talk to Malo first, or get the plants first, so feel free to chase whatever yarn you'd prefer.

Stray plants: Where to find the flowers

Thankfully you won't have to to jump through too many hoops for the rare plants Malo needs. Here's where you'll have to explore and climb to grab all of them:

Where to find the Yellow Plant

Stray plants - The cat checks out a tree in the distance

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  • You can find the yellow plant nearby to Malo herself. Climb a little until you find a little open bar. Slink past the customer, who hates the food, and onto a pipe that will lead you to the plant.

Stray plants - the cat examines a yellow plant

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Where to find the Purple Plant

Stray plants - the cat looks out towards the branches of a tree

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  • With the purple plant you'll need to go find Alexander, and check out the tree right next to him. Climb up onto its branches and you'll see the flowering plant there for the taking.

Stray plants - the cat checks out a purple plant up close

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Where to find the Red Plant

Stray plants - the cat hangs out near a dominoes game

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  • To get the red plant go find two robots – Noam and Marie – playing dominoes together and jump into the bucket to get down. At the base of the tree, you can leap across the barrels near two robots rooting around and find the red plant on a tree.

Stray plants - the cat checks out red flowers up close

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And that's it, you've done it! Trade your hard earned flowers to Malo and earn yourself a badge. 

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