Stray poncho: how to get it and use it to fix the Tracker

Stray poncho - a poncho being received as an item
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The Stray poncho is essential to your progress in the cyberpunk future. Unlike some items in the game, this is a story-based trinket you'll need in order to continue your journey. 

Stray is currently the talk of the town with it getting accolades left, right, and center. It’s not just impressing humans either, as Stray has proven very popular with cats themselves

It’s a game littered with collectibles that you'll need to get your paws on to fill out your Stray trophies. With Stray energy drinks that help you get all of the memories or music pages, to all of the badges you can collect, there’s a lot to explore and do in Stray. 

That being said, while you can get the Poncho early in Stray, it’s not really a collectible as, without it, you won’t be able to progress past chapter 6. That’s why it’s imperative you know how to get it, what you need for it, and what to do with it once you have it. Don’t sweat it though, because that’s what we're here for. Here’s everything you need to do and know about the Stray poncho.

Stray poncho

Stray poncho: how to get the poncho

Getting the Stray poncho is a bit involved, but besides a little bit of exploration, it’s not too difficult to get your hands on. You're going to need the electric cable that Azooz, the trader sells, but first you need to find Super Spirit Detergent. To begin, you need to get to Super Spirit Laundry. From the Guardian, just turn around, and it should be directly across from him, a little to the right. Eventually, you will need to get inside but for now, the way is closed. 

Stray poncho: the cat at a closed laundry store

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In order to get inside, you're going to need to cause some mischief. Climb up the rooftops directly above the store and you will see two robots throwing paint cans at each other. You need to walk up to the lower one and interact with them. Then, right before they throw the can, you need to meow to distract them, causing the paint can to fall in front of the laundry store.

Stray poncho - two robots throwing paint cans while the cat watches

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This will cause the owner to come running out in a fit of rage, leaving the door open. 

Stray poncho - a robot cleaning up a paint spill while the cat watches

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Climb back down to the ground floor and sneak into the laundry store, and on your immediate left, you will see the Super Spirit Detergent. 

Stray poncho - the cat checking out some detergent

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Now that you have this, head back towards the Guardian and then head right, down the stairs to find Azooz. Interact with the Electric Cable and trade the detergent for it.

Stray poncho - the cat checks out electric cables

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Once you have this, you have to go find Grandma. If you turn around from Azooz, take the alley, make a right, and then follow the path, you'll find Grandma on her own way in the back. Talk to her and then hand over the electric cable. She will then knit a Poncho out of it just for you!

Stray poncho - the cat delivers cables to grandma robot

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Don’t get too excited though…

Stray Poncho: what to do with the Poncho

Stray poncho - the cat talks to Elliot the robot

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I’ve got some bad news. Despite Grandma making that Poncho for you, you sadly don't get to dress up your cat in a cute little outfit. Unfortunately, you need it to progress the story. 

You can do this part in Chapter 4, but it only becomes mandatory in Chapter 6. Elliot from Elliot Programming needs it. To get there, it’s right back down the way you came from Grandma. There is a sign on the door that asks you to knock to enter. In cat terms, that means you need to scratch on the door. 

After you do that, a robot will open it and you can slink inside, where you need to take the stairs up. Head up and find Elliot, a shivering programmer who is a little too cold. Give him the poncho and he will be able to wrap up and stay warm. This will make him able to work whenever you need him to.

Stray poncho - the cat helpfully hands off a poncho to Elliot

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Chapter 6 is when you're going to need his services as you'll have a broken Tracker which needs to be fixed in order for you to progress. Once you have that, take it to Elliot, and he will fix it right quick. 

That’s all you need to know about the poncho and what to use it for. Again, this is something you’ll need to do in order to complete the game, so hopefully, you’ve found this handy along the way. 

While you are in the area, there is a chance to get one of the eight music pages, which in turn give you a badge, so you might as well get that too. You'll just need the Stray safe codes to crack it open and retrieve your music page.

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