Stray safe codes: how to unlock the Slums and Midtown safes

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There are two Stray safe codes to track down as you make your way through this lovable post-apocalyptic cat sim. They are found in Midtown and the Slums, with each safe containing some valuable items to enhance your collection.

With a wide range of Stray trophies and achievements to find, completionists in search of goodies will need to pick through Stray’s winding city streets and sombre interiors with a fine–toothed comb.

Two of these collectibles are confined in this pair of safes - and that's where we come in, since tracking the safes down and cracking the codes can be tricky. You'll have to chat to many cyborgs, exchange some energy drink cans for tradeable goods, and more, so it's best to know what you're in for before leaping out onto that air conditioning unit.

Between finding energy drinks, tracking down sheet music, and solving the game’s central mystery, you may not have a lot of time to constantly keep an eye out for these two safes. Take a look at this guide as you go through Slums and Midtown, and you’ll be able to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Stray safe codes

Stray safe codes: The Slums

Stray safe codes, Robot Musician

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Once you've arrived in the slums, you'll likely stumble upon a safe near Morousque, everyone's favorite robot guitarist. Nearby, you'll find a safe with a cryptic note attached to it. Annoyingly, most robots you show it to will be unable to translate it. 

Fortunately, there's a way around this. You'll need to take the code to Elliot at 'Elliot Programming' to decipher. You can find that by heading to Granny, heading right, and scratching the door beside two sitting–down robots. Show Elliot the note and he'll translate it, giving you a rendezvous point in the Dufer Bar. 

Stray safe codes, Code in the Slums

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Mosey on over to Dufer, jump up on the bar and look over to the left–hand side. Then, you'll see a painting which you can knock down. Behind the painting, you'll find the code to the safe: 1283. Scurry back to the safe, punch in the code and sit back as that door swings open. For your trouble, you'll be rewarded with Sheet Music 8/8.

Stray safe codes: the safe in Midtown

Stray Safe Codes, Midtown Safe

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Upon arriving in Midtown, you'll run into a robot called Paoudre on your right. He'll complain about being sold a faulty battery by the nearby merchant. Jump over the counter and make your way to the high shelves in the back–room of the shop. At the very back of the store, you'll find the safe.

Stray Safe Codes, Midtown Safe

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Next, head back down the shelves and look around the shop for a white poster. B12 can translate this for you, and says it means "2458 :edoC". Reverse the translation, and you get "Code: 8542", the code to the safe at the back of the store.  

Hop back up to the safe, punch in that code, and you'll be treated to a nifty little Cat Badge to spruce up your jacket.

Stray Safe Codes, Midtown Safe

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There you have it; armed with this knowledge Stray's safes will be no match for your burglary skills. Get out there and claim your precious collectibles.  

While you're out there, you could even augment your experience by installing mods for Stray. Or, if you want a hand finding collectibles with a friend, a multiplayer Stray mod has even surfaced. Check it out. 

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