Best macro flash: 6 top models tested and rated

Best macro flash kits: Sunpak Auto 16R Pro Ringflash

Best macro flash kits: Sunpak Auto 16R Pro Ringflash

Price: £335, $350
Buy it:
This Sunpak is not a dedicated flashgun but still boasts an auto flash mode, albeit without through-the-lens metering.

This works reasonably well and you can easily switch to manual output for more controlled exposures.

Adjustments are available between full power and 1/256th power.

Four built-in modelling lamps are available to help with focusing under dull ambient lighting.

The hotshoe-mounting control unit is easy to use and the flash module connects to lenses via the 58mm, 62mm and 72mm adaptor rings supplied. Optional extra rings are available in sizes up to 77mm.

Our Verdict
Pros… Easy to use, well made and it has a circular flash tube.
Cons… No TTL flash metering, but it has a basic auto setting.
WE say… It's a good buy if you want a circular tube.

Score: 4/5

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