Best macro flash: 6 top models tested and rated

Best macro flash kits: Nissin MF18 Macro Flash

Best macro flash kits: Nissin MF18 Macro Flash

Price: £260, $440
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The Nissin has a hotshoe-mounting controller and circular flash tube that attaches to lenses via adaptor rings.

Six rings are supplied in the kit, ranging from 52mm to 77mm, and additional ones are available as small as 49mm and as large as 82mm.

The large range of sizes is accommodated by the fact that the flash ring itself is expandable.

The control system is intuitive, based on a colour LCD screen, and enables precise adjustments in both TTL and manual flash modes.

The flashgun also works as a wireless master to control other flashguns in slave mode. It's an advanced system that's easy to use.

Our Verdict
Pros… Lots of advanced features, fits almost any lens.
Cons… Not quite as versatile as the Nikon system.
WE say… Plenty of clever tricks, and very good value at the price.

Score: 4/5

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