How to share your Prime subscription with Amazon Household

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Did you know you can share your Amazon Prime subscription with another person for no extra charge?

Well you can, with Amazon Household, and it's really easy to set-up. 

Sharing your Prime subscription with someone else doesn't give them all the features you have access to as the primary account holder, but they will be able to benefit from some significant ones. 

First up, sharing your Prime subscription gives another person (who's over 18) access to Amazon's unlimited next day delivery - the core reason many sign up to Prime in the first place. 

Other benefits that are shared include access to the Prime Video streaming service and you can share app and ebook purchases between the two accounts without having to purchase them twice. 

Despite being called Household, the other adult doesn't actually need to live in the same house as you, they just need to reside in the same country. 

You can also share your Prime account with up to four children (and in the US there's also a 'teens' option for those aged 13-17), who get more limited access to the benefits while you get complete control over what they can and can't see. 

So let's get to why you're here, how to share your Amazon Prime subscription with another person. 

How to share your Amazon Prime subscription with another person

Step 1: Visit the Amazon Household homepage

Step 2: Sign into your Amazon account and follow the on-screen instructions

Step 3: Enter the name and email address of the person you want to share your Prime subscription with

Step 4: You'll then need to agree to share your wallet with the other person. This gives the other person access to the bank cards stored on your Amazon account, and vice versa - so make sure you're sharing with someone you completely trust. 

Step 5: Select the digital content purchases you want to share with the other person (you can opt to share nothing). They'll get Prime next day delivery and Prime Video by default, this option gives you the opportunity to decide whether you share things such as app and ebook purchases with them. 

Step 6: Send the invite. Your chosen person will receive an email which they'll need to respond to within 14 days to set-up the link from their side. 

Step 7: The other person will need to complete some simple set-up steps, including the agreement to share their wallet with you and select which purchases are shared between accounts. 

Step 8: Once they complete their steps access to the shared Prime features will be immediately available. 

Shared Prime benefits available with Amazon Household

Setting up Amazon Household with another adult will give them access to the following benefits;

  • Unlimited One-Day Delivery plus Same-Day Delivery in eligible areas
  • Streaming access to thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video 
  • Unlimited access to over a thousand books, magazines & more on any device through Prime Reading
  • Early access to Lightning Deals with Prime Early Access
  • Up to 20% off nappies and baby food subscriptions, compliments of Amazon Family
  • Create a Family Library to share books, apps and games with the other adult in your Household on Amazon devices and media apps
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