Fresh Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 leaks hint at the expected price, packaging, and more

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 on a wrist
Remember the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2? (Image credit: Future)

Judging by the number of leaks we're seeing, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 can't be that far off from a full launch, and the latest advance information we have covers the pricing, the packaging, and even the instruction manual for the expected fitness tracker.

First, to Reddit (via GizmoChina), where the indications are that the device will come in at 250,000 Tanzanian Shillings – or about $99 (roughly £78 / AU$152) with a straight currency conversion. While it's unlikely that Samsung will use these direct conversions, the general gist is that this is something that's aiming for the budget end of the market.

Rumors we heard last year had the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 price pegged at double the cost of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 – $59 / £39 / AUS$135, if you'd forgotten – so it seems as though the leaks are aligning, more or less. As always though, nothing is certain until the product actually launches.

GizmoChina has also got hold of some images purporting to show the packaging of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3. These boxes show off black and white color options, and a design that's more smartwatch than fitness tracker (as per previously leaked renders).

Read the manual

Two Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 fitness trackers on an orange background

The Galaxy Fit 2 launched way back in 2020 (Image credit: Samsung)

Our final Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 leak of the day comes courtesy of SamMobile, where you can get hold of the instruction manual for the device – just in case you wanted to learn how to use it before it arrives.

The manual once again shows off the design of the tracker, as well as mentioning some of its features: it'll be able to track steps, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, stress, and sleep, and there's a mention of an atmospheric pressure sensor, too. It seems pretty feature-packed for a budget model.

You'll be able to change the bands on the Galaxy Fit 3, and the watch faces you see on the screen, according to the manual. As you would expect, it'll link to the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone. There's no mention of any of the key specs of the device, such as the battery life we can expect, though a previous leak suggests it could last 13 days on a charge.

Considering that the device has also already been mentioned in regulatory databases, we shouldn't have too much longer to wait to see it. Previous Galaxy Fit 3 leaks have also pointed to the wearable's specs and a larger screen.

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