The CLX Hathor is the dream PC for game streamers

A CLX Hathor gaming PC
(Image credit: Future / Ural Garrett)

Every year, the expectations for a pre-build gaming PC usually remain the same from desktops having the latest processors and graphics cards to updated RAM and storage. 

From the best budget gaming PC to the higher end builds, there’s simply no escaping the potential of Moore’s Law. Sure, form factors may evolve but everything boils down to benchmark numbers, price, feature set and customer service options like warranties. Then there are prebuild makers who decide to throw everything including the kitchen sink into their boutique desktops to create something that’s completely out of this world. 

This includes the CLX Hathor Duo PC

Known for creating some of the best gaming PC pre-builds available that matches power with excellent customer service, CLX has already impressed us with the CLX Scarab last year. 

The gaming PC featured everything that anyone paying around $5,000 for one could ask for. The CLX Hathor Duo PC steps over the line even more with a 24-core Intel Core i9-12900K, Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Founders Edition, 32GB RAM, and 1TB NVMe storage alongside an extra 4TB Seagate Barracuda HDD. 

The PC itself even came enclosed in a large wooden shipping crate (though this feature costs extra). 

These specs are good enough to play the best PC games at max settings with high resolutions and refresh rates. During our standard 1080p tests for Cyberpunk 2077, benchmarks gave an average 130 fps on ultra settings (including ray-tracing) alongside 187 fps on lower settings. 

This means that gamers with 4K display resolution should be able to explore the world of Night City above 60 fps, which is magnificent to say the least. Regardless of what’s thrown at this beast of a machine, it can handle it without breaking a sweat. 

But wait, there's more

A CLX Hathor gaming PC

(Image credit: Future / Ural Garrett)

Main PC
Intel Core i9-12900K
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Founders Edition 16GD6X
RAM: 32GB GSKILL Trident Z5 RGB 5600MHz
Storage: 1TB Samsung 980 PRO NVMe / 4TB Seagate Barracuda HDD
Intel NUC Compute Element
 Intel Core i9-12900
RAM: 32GB Kingston FURY 3200MHz DDR4
Storage: 500GB Samsung 980 Pro NVMe / 2TB Kingston FURY NV1 NVMe M.2 SSD
Capture Card: El Gato 4K60 Pro

However, inside of the CLX Hathor Duo PC is actually an Intel NUC Compute Element that can be utilized just for streaming. This PC that sits below the beefy RTX 4080 Founders Edition has a 16-core Intel Core i9-12900, 32GB RAM, and 2.5TB combined SSD storage. 

The idea is for streamers to be better able to offload system resources for streaming without buying another computer, and it helps that the second PC has an El Gato 4K60 Pro which will work nicely for console gamers as well. Just be mindful that using the CLX Hathor Duo PC will require the Synergy app to use a mouse and keyboard across both computers. Users who don’t want to pay the yearly liscense for that are going to need a pair of mice and keyboards.

The CLX Hathor Duo PC also requires two monitors for the gaming PC and streaming PC. While testing, we used two of the best gaming monitors and the set-up worked really well. If two monitors seem a bit too much, the recently released Alienware AW2723DF uses picture-by-picture which can save some desk space. 

A CLX Hathor gaming PC

(Image credit: Future / Ural Garrett)

The CLX Hathor Duo PC also requires two power outlets for running the gaming desktop and NUC enclosed in the fairly remarkably built case that’s filled with lovely RGB lighting. Turning on the streaming PC is as easy as pressing the NUC button below the PC. For added measure, CLX included a 8K capture card too.

As a gaming PC, the CLX Hathor Duo PC comes in three ATX Full Tower prints including white, Vice Edition and Sakura print. The front and side glass panel allows users to see the full display of RGB colors when the desktop is powered. For added measure, there’s a small RGB bar near the power and NUC button on the front. That can be changed by pressing the M button for a small multicolored animated lighting or C for solid colored lighting under a USB-C port.

Speaking of ports, there are two USB-A ports at the top near the power button and two at the bottom base on the front. Of course, there are more ports in the back as well for both gaming PC and NUC PC. These are more than enough for putting together set-ups for various gaming or streaming necessities. The ATX Full Tower configuration also features handy maintenance slots for cleaning dust and easy upgrade assasability.

'The perfect gaming PC for professional streamers doesn't exi—'

A CLX Hathor gaming PC

(Image credit: Future / Ural Garrett)

This is how the CLX Hathor Duo PC performed in our suite of benchmark tests:

PCMark 10: 9676
3DMark Timespy: 26,231 | Night Raid: 92,714 | Firestrike: 44,107
GeekBench 5 Single Core: 2155 | Multi Core: 23,816
CinebenchR20: 37,880
Total War: Warhammer III 200fps FPS (1080p Ultra);  448fps (1080p Low)
Cyberpunk 2077: 130 FPS(1080p Ultra); 187 FPS(1080p Low)
Dirt 5:  247FPS(1080p Ultra);  300FPS(1080p Low) 

After creating high res video content by recording on the NUC and eventually editing the 4K or 8K video on the gaming PC itself through Premier Pro was a very seamless process, making this the ultimate game streamer's workstation. Besides gaming and creating streams, cutting high res video content on one desktop is especially convenient.

All of this starts at $3,999, but the unit CLX sent me comes in at around $8,000. Add up to three years parts warranty and free lifetime labor warranty, the total package of the CLX Hathor Duo PC makes a ton of sense for gamers who love to stream their gaming sessions through Twitch, but especially for those who want to do so professionally. 

That doesn’t even count the amount of software available on the gaming PC and NUC. There are various performance-based software that users can use alongside customizable RGB lighting. On the NUC comes standard with OBS Studio which is the streaming standard for most Twitch streamers.

The CLX Hathor Duo PC is a pure monster of a gaming desktop. On its own merit, it features all the power that justisfies its relatively high pricepoint. However, what pushes this gaming PC beyond simple benchmark measures is the Intel NUC Compute Element that allows for more efficiency during live streaming sessions without the need of a second desktop or laptop. Simply put, this could potentially be the future of PC game streaming, and it looks beautiful.

Ural Garrett

Ural Garrett is an Inglewood, CA-based journalist and content curator. His byline has been featured in outlets including CNN, MTVNews, Complex, TechRadar, BET, The Hollywood Reporter and more.