This tablet deal is a steal: the Amazon Fire 8 HD is at its lowest-ever price for Black Friday

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If you're looking to get your child a cheap tablet as a holiday gift, or just want to give them some digital independence, then this year's Black Friday Amazon Fire HD 8 deals are exactly what you need.

The Black Friday deals event is a great opportunity to pick up a variety of gadgets, and that's definitely true for the 2020 model of Amazon's Fire HD 8 tablet. It's currently down from $89.99 to $44.99 at Amazon US, which is half price, and reduced from £89.99 to £34.99 at Amazon UK – that's well under half price.

Amazon's tablet isn't the best of the best, but it's super-affordable, and offers a good selection of apps and services that make it a pretty capable, if not mega-powerful, device.

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The best Amazon Fire 8 HD Black Friday deal in the US

Amazon Fire HD 8 (32 GB, with Ads): was

Amazon Fire HD 8 (32 GB, with Ads): was $89.99 now $44.99 at Amazon
Admittedly this Amazon tablet doesn't have the greatest amount of storage, and the lock screen will show you ads, but the Amazon ecosystem has a solid suite of apps, and the 8-inch screen is means this device is larger than most phones but still fairly pocket-sized. Best of all, it's currently at its lowest-ever price thanks to a $45 Black Friday discount.

The best Amazon Fire 8 HD Black Friday deal in the UK

Amazon Fire HD 8 (32 GB, with Ads): was

Amazon Fire HD 8 (32 GB, with Ads): was £89.99 now £34.99 at Amazon
This Amazon tablet is down to its lowest-ever price right now for Black Friday, with a saving of over 60%. The tablet doesn't have the most generous amount storage, and it will show you ads on the lock screen, but at this incredibly budget-friendly price its flaws are easy to ignore. If you want a super-cheap tablet, this one (which we gave a three-and-half-star review) is an easy win.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 is far from being the world's best tablet, but if you're looking to get your child a cheap gadget this is definitely one to think about thanks to this year's Black Friday deals.

Buy this tablet and you'll get a solid device with a good spread of entertainment and education apps and services. It's a small, portable size at only eight inches, and it has an HD screen, USB-C charging, and a 2MP on the front and another on the back.

It does have a few flaws though. It's locked into Amazon's ecosystem rather than Android or Google Play, so the selection of apps and games is limited; the HD screen is pretty low-quality; and the model we've listed above will have ads on the lock screen (which help to bring its price down). Additionally, the cheapest model only comes with 32GB of storage which isn't a lot (and the larger 64GB model isn't that much better).

But as a younger person's first gadget, and a device that will afford them some digital independence (with parental controls), this is a great device to pick up at a super-low Black Friday price.

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