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The Xbox Series S is in stock at Walmart as great Series X alternative

Xbox Series S
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Correction: This story previously stated the Xbox Series S retailed for $403, which is incorrect. We have altered the story accordingly.

Walmart has fired the starting gun for its Black Friday deals, with huge savings through its Deals for Days sales.

November 26 is when the rest of the Black Friday deals will begin this year. You'll see some deals in the run-up to the event, but the very best deals are likely to be reserved for the day itself. However, as for Microsoft's Xbox Series X consoles, customers have been waiting for some significant deals in the run up to Christmas.

There's already been some big savings on Xbox games that we've made a guide for, but if you want a console just for Game Pass and Halo Infinite, the Series S would be a great choice - and Walmart has it in stock for $299.

While both consoles have only been out for a year, Microsoft's support for backwards compatibility and its huge library of games available on Game Pass has been second to none. Last year, just finding stock of the console, regardless of deals were something of a challenge due to some stock shortages, but it seems to be much easier to find a console a year later.

If you've been waiting for the right time to upgrade to an Xbox Series S, that time is now. Don't forget you can also check out our hub with even more Xbox Series X/S Black Friday deals.

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Black Friday Xbox Series S deal

Xbox Series S: $299.99 at Walmart

Xbox Series S: $299.99 at Walmart
Save $104 -
Featuring 512GB storage and one controller, it's a great choice as a Game Pass console, especially as cloud streaming is arriving for it. This means you can play games without it taking up space on your console, as long as you have a fast internet connection.

The Xbox Series consoles usually have monthly updates to its software to either fix bugs or bring out new features. One example is the ability to view the dashboard in 4K, so everything looks crystal clear on your 4K TV.

Microsoft recently announced that they were releasing the last of backwards compatibility games, which means that you can play certain games from Xbox's past. If you remember playing TimeSplitters 2 or Star Wars: Jedi Outcast, you can now play these on your Series S in a better resolution.

Combine this with Halo Infinite launching its multiplayer mode (in beta), alongside the Campaign mode launching in a few short weeks, you're getting a great deal from Walmart.

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