The Google Pixel 6a is now even better value for money with this gift card freebie

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The Google Pixel 6a is not just Google’s latest phone, it’s also the company's most widely available affordable handset after it replaced the Pixel 5a and sits as a cheaper alternative in the flagship Pixel 6 range.

So, it's already the budget-friendly choice if you’re after a Pixel handset, but you can make your money go even further. Right now, you can get a Pixel 6a with a free $50 gift card from Best Buy.

There’s no discount on the phone itself, with the Google Pixel 6a retailing for its standard price of $449. However, with that gift card, you can pick up a case or other accessories, so you won’t have to spend more of your own money getting the phone kitted out.

This is a limited-time offer though, running until August 7. Definitely act fast if you’re interested.

Google Pixel 6a with free $50 gift card

Google Pixel 6a: $449 at Best Buy
Free $50 gift card

Google Pixel 6a: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">$449 at Best Buy
Free $50 gift card
- The Google Pixel 6a comes with a free $50 gift card right now at Best Buy. This offer is available until August 7 and applies whether you buy the phone outright - for $449 - or get it via a carrier. This deal is also available no matter which color you choose – whether that's sage, charcoal or chalk.

The Google Pixel 6a is a compelling mid-range phone, which we praised in our review for its clean software, compact size and snappy fingerprint scanner.

That said, we weren’t impressed by the battery life, and while its price might look promising, if you shop around you can sometimes find the standard Pixel 6 for similar, and that’s undoubtedly a better handset. Of course, you won’t get this $50 gift card with that phone.

So that’s all worth bearing in mind, but battery life aside you’re unlikely to be disappointed in the Pixel 6a. And with the promise of 5 years of updates, it’s unlikely to feel dated for a while.

If you're not in the US then you won't be eligible for this Best Buy deal, but here are the Pixel 6a prices in your region:

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