Straighten up: 25% off Dyson's Corrale hair straightener in Amazon Boxing Day deal

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It took Dyson seven years to perfect and, although it has a steep price, the Corrale is an excellent hair straightener with features to make sure you protect your hair while also making it look good.

When we tested the Dyson Corrale for ourselves, we loved it – finding that it straightens hair quickly, saving you time, while our biggest issue with it was its AU$699 price tag. Although the Corrale is hard to recommend at full price, we wouldn't hesitate telling you all about it when it's discounted like right now on Amazon where it's got a 25% discount via third party.

That's not the only good news – it's also Prime eligible, which means that if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can have it delivered in two days if you live in metro areas.

The Corrale was cheaper when shopping directly from Dyson, but that's no longer the case. The Limited Edition boxes are out of stock and the hair straighteners themselves are back to full price.

Dyson CorraleAU$699AU$522

Dyson Corrale | AU$699 AU$522 (save AU$177)

We love this cord-free hair straightener, but one of the biggest gripes in our review was its expensive price. While it was AU$499 at Dyson ahead of Boxing Day, the hair straightener is now back to full price there. But head over to Amazon and a third-party seller is offering a neat 25% off on this expensive haircare product. So if you're keen, the Black/Pink model is now just AU$522 and is Prime eligible as well. 

Should I buy the Dyson Corrale?

As we've mentioned before, it's hard to recommend the Corrale at full price, it is expensive and there are cheaper options out there from competitors like GHD. Despite that, we really like the Corrale here at TechRadar because it does what it's supposed to real quick... depending on your hair type of course. 

Firstly, it's cordless, so you can take it anywhere with you, and Dyson has also added an airplane mode to it. This is essentially a little circuit breaker which disconnects the battery and is clearly marked on the device by an aircraft icon.

Its headline act, though, is the two manganese-copper alloy plates that do all the hard work. Each plate is only 65 microns thick – the width of a human hair – and is slightly flexible. This ensures that a lock of hair can stay within the plates without splaying, meaning the tension applied is spread evenly through each strand within the lock. This ends up reducing the number of times you'll need to work the hair to straighten or curl it into waves. And we can vouch for the fact that it does save time – TechRadar's APAC Managing Editor uses it a lot and can get her hair done in 10 minutes.

Moreover, each plate is coated with tourmaline, which has ionising properties that reduce static. So once you’re done styling your hair, you won’t have the odd strands standing out at odd angles which is something that can happen with other straighteners on shorter strands. It will leave your hair shiny and straight, or in beachy waves, whatever your preference.

And if you're worried about copper oxidizing and leaving green patches on the plates over time, don't be. This writer has had hers for over a year now and there's not the teensiest bit of damage anywhere.

The Corrale inherits the Intelligent Heat Control technology found in the company’s Supersonic hair dryer and the Airwrap styler, but with a bit of an improvement. Where the older Dyson beauty products can measure temperature 40 and 60 times a second, respectively, the new straightener uses a platinum sensor that can do so 100 times a second. If there’s any change in temperature, the information is communicated to a microprocessor that regulates the heat, thus ensuring steady, accurate heat throughout the styling process.

All in all, a great little beauty assistant to have on hand but especially at this price.

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