Motorola Edge 30 comes with a free smart display at Carphone Warehouse today

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Those picking up a Motorola Edge 30 device this week at Carphone Warehouse will be treated to a Lenovo Smart Clock 2 on the house - a useful smart alarm clock that's worth £60 by itself. 

If you haven't heard of the Edge 30 series, they're the latest mid to upper-range flagships from Motorola and offer exceptional specs for the money. Prices start at £379 for the Motorola Edge 30 and £749.99 for the Edge 30 Ultra, and this promotion applies to both unlocked and pay-monthly contract devices.

While we haven't personally reviewed these two devices here at TechRadar (yet), we were big fans of the Motorola Edge 30 Pro when we reviewed it earlier this year. The most impressive feature by far was the stunning 144Hz OLED display, which exceeds rivals like the Galaxy S22 Ultra regarding overall smoothness (the Ultra only has a 120Hz display). The Edge 30 Ultra shares this display, as well as the top-notch Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, so it's a real rival to the top Android devices. It also features a premium all-glass design and a whopping 200MP camera system, two areas where we thought the mid-range Pro lacked.

For those on a budget, the Motorola Edge 30 is a dark horse too. While it's got a slightly weaker processor under the hood versus the Pro and Ultra models, it's still managing to pack in that 144Hz AMOLED display, which is pretty amazing considering the device costs just £379. This price puts it as a firm rival to the Google Pixel 6a, although one that's arguably better specced-out with its display, 8GB of RAM (vs 6GB), and 50MP triple camera (versus 12MP). 

Motorola Edge 30 deals at Carphone Warehouse

Motorola Edge 30 + free Smart Clock 2: £379 at Carphone Warehouse

Motorola Edge 30 + free Smart Clock 2: £379 at Carphone Warehouse
The Motorola Edge 30 is a fully-featured Android flagship that won't break the bank. A decent chip, 50MP triple camera system, and stunning 144Hz AMOLED display mean it's packing some serious specs for such a reasonably priced device. If you've been thinking about picking up a Google Pixel 6a or Samsung A53, this is a great alternative. 

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra + free Smart Clock 2: £749 at Carphone Warehouse

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra + free Smart Clock 2: £749 at Carphone Warehouse
The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra is easily up there with the best Android flagships out there right now thanks to its super speedy Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, 144Hz display, and 200MP triple camera array. These are top-shelf specs for any application, and this device, while still pretty pricey, comes in at a comparatively lower price when compared to the competition.

The freebie included with these Motorola Edge 30 deals at Carphone Warehouse is the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 - a kind of 'smart' alarm clock that works great with Google Assistant-compatible devices, like the Edge 30. It doesn't play videos like some smart displays, but it's a nice little alarm clock that will still play tunes, control other devices, and provide alerts. Included with this bundle is also a compatible wireless charger, which provides a charging port for the Smart Clock 2 and a surface for charging phones. 

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