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LIFX Mini Colour
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The best smart light bulbs are an affordable and simple way to automate your smart home, but as you’ll probably be replacing several bulbs in each room they can be a costly purchase – so a good smart lighting deal is always welcome.

Amazon has slashed 33% off the price of the LIFX Mini color smart light bulb in the UK, reducing it to £30.14 from £44.99. While this isn’t the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this smart light bulb kit – it dropped to just £24.99 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday – it’s still a good deal and is worth snapping up. (Not in the UK? Scroll down to find the best deals in your region.) 

Today’s best LIFX Mini color smart light bulb deal in the UK 

LIFX Mini color smart light bulb: £44.9

LIFX Mini color smart light bulb: £44.99 £30.14 at Amazon
Amazon has knocked almost £15 off the cost of this smart light bulb, which has an E27 Edison Screw fitting. While this isn’t the best price we’ve ever seen for this compact smart light, it still offers good value and it won’t last long – so if you’re looking for a smart light bulb we suggest you grab this deal now. 

The LIFX Mini color is a more compact version of LIFX’s A19 smart light bulb. It offers 800 lumens of brightness, which is around twice the light output of an average side lamp, and LIFX claims the bulbs will last almost 23 years based on three hours’ use per day. A version with a bayonet fitting is also available, but this isn’t currently on offer and will set you back £34.97.

The big draw of smart light bulbs is that you can turn the light on and off from your smartphone, as well adjusting the brightness and even choosing the color from millions of available options. 

If you install several smart bulbs in one room – for example in ceiling fittings and side lamps – you can use a range of different colors to set up ‘lighting scenes’ that create different moods for different times of day, with just one tap.

LIFX smart light bulbs also integrate with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant, so you can easily incorporate them into home automation routines – for example switching on automatically if motion is detected by your home security camera. 

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