Amazon's 2022 Echo Dots get their first-ever discount – and they're super cheap

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It's not often we see newly-announced devices getting discounted within months of their release. This year, however, that trend has been bucked, with quite a few brand-new tech products seeing significant markdowns for Black Friday.

Like the fifth-generation Echo Dot smart speakers. These diminutive, globular speakers were announced only in September, went on sale in October and, another month later, get their first discount – a rather generous 38% off for the Echo Dot and 30% off on the Echo Dot with Clock.

Physically, there's no difference between the 4th generation Echo Dot from 2020 and the new model, but there are some significant upgrades here that make them worth the while if you're after an entry-level smart speaker that puts Alexa at your beck and call. 

Firstly, Amazon promises that the 2022 Echo Dot sounds like a lot better than the predecessor thanks to the 1.73-inch front-firing speaker. In addition to better sound, the 5th-gen Echo Dot responds better to tap gestures, plus there's a built-in ambient temperature sensor to help you set up Alexa Routines to control connected smart fans, heaters or air conditioners.

The new Echo Dot with Clock can now even display song information when streaming music.

The latest model brings over some of the more important features of the 4th-generation Echo Dot, like a motion sensor and its ability to work as an Eero mesh Wi-Fi extender – a handy feature to have if you live in a large home with some Wi-Fi blind spots.

That said, the latest Echo Dot loses the 3.5mm audio jack that's available in the 4th-gen speaker. If you can manage without that little niggle, the latest Echo Dot truly is one of the best smart home devices you can get.

Echo Dot (2022; 5th gen) |AU$79AU$49

Echo Dot (2022; 5th gen) | AU$79 AU$49 (save AU$30)

The fifth-generation of Echo Dots arrived only in October this year, and this is the first time they're getting discounted. These spherical smart speakers – available in three colours – will have Alexa at your beck and call to help control smart home devices, tell you about the weather and stream some music too. In fact, you can get a few of these little devices – one for each room – and pair them up to fill your entire home with your fave tunes. 

Echo Dot with Clock (2022; 5th gen) |AU$99AU$69

Echo Dot with Clock (2022; 5th gen) | AU$99 AU$69 (save AU$30)

Identical to the 5th-generation Echo Dots, these little smart speakers just have an additional digital clock displayed on its side. These are perfect little Alexa speakers for the bedside (no cameras here), so you get the time, wake up with an alarm on time and do everything else that Alexa will let you. The 5th-gen Echo Dot with Clock was also released only in October and this is the first ever discount – available in two colours.

More Echo Dot Black Friday discounts

While we can highly recommend the latest Echo Dot this Black Friday, you can save more money by choosing one of the older models – the fourth- and third-generation Echo Dots are still available, and the latter is only AU$19!

Echo Dot (2020; 4th gen) |AU$79AU$39

Echo Dot (2020; 4th gen) | AU$79 AU$39 (save AU$40)

While it might have been succeeded by a new model, the 2020 edition of the Echo Dot is still pretty darn good. Sound is good, and it has Eero built in too (but requires a firmware update to work as a mesh extender), and features a 3.5mm audio jack in case you want to plug something in. At AU$39, it's a right steal! Available in two colours.

Echo Dot (2019; 3rd gen) |AU$59AU$19

Echo Dot (2019; 3rd gen) | AU$59 AU$19 (save AU$40)

Want a smart speaker that's even cheaper? Consider the Echo Dot 3rd generation model, which is now just AU$19 apiece! This is the older puck-like design for the Echo Dot. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the newer Echo Dots, but at AU$19 a pop, you're hardly going to miss them as practically every Alexa skill possible is available to you here.

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