Anyone can now browse through Apple Vision Pro apps on the web

Apple Vision Pro headset
The Apple Vision Pro (Image credit: Apple)

You no longer need an Apple Vision Pro to look at Vision Pro apps, because the visionOS App Store is now available for browsing on the web – just like the equivalent App Stores for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS.

Head to the Vision Pro App Store in your browser (as spotted by 9to5Mac), and you're able to browse through categories including business, entertainment, and education. You can also find iPhone and iPad apps and games that'll run on the Vision Pro.

You can read our Apple Vision Pro review to get an idea of how much we love the mixed reality headset – and it's now even more appealing, because you don't have to don the device to check out new apps you might be interested in.

What's more, it gives people who don't own one of the headsets a chance to see the apps that are available for it. When you're spending $3,499 (about £2,750 / AU$5,330) and up on a piece of hardware, maybe you want to see what you'll be able to do on it before buying.

A wider roll out

Apple Vision Pro App Store

See anything you like? The Apple Vision Pro App Store (Image credit: Future)

The experience of browsing through the visionOS App Store is very similar to what you may already be familiar with when you browse for apps for other devices – and some app listings have simply had an extra Apple Vision tab added to them.

You can check out screenshots, see descriptions of the apps and reviews that have been left by other users, and get information about the data collected by each app. Details of app prices and in-app purchase prices are also shown.

It's possible that the launch of the Vision Pro App Store on the web is something to do with the headset's rumored international launch. At the moment, you can only buy the device in the US, but that could be changing in the near future.

There's also been talk that a cheaper version of the Vision Pro could be in the pipeline – though it might not break cover until 2026. It may not be selling in massive numbers yet, but there's no doubting Apple's commitment to the Vision Pro.

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