Nvidia RTX Super pricing suddenly looks even more tempting – but there could be a catch with more powerful graphics cards

A trio of Nvidia RTX 40-series Super GPU against a green and black background
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Zotac has revealed the pricing for its RTX Super refreshes, or rather some of these inbound graphics cards which are coming with a staggered launch throughout this month.

The details comes from Zotac Japan, in fact, as VideoCardz reports, although note that exact prices aren’t provided. The firm has just let us know which models of the RTX Super GPUs will be at the suggested retail price (MSRP).

And the long and short of it is that four of nine models will be at the MSRP, those being the entry-level versions of the various Super refreshes, with the overclocked models (with fancier custom cooling solutions and the like) not having their pricing mentioned. In other words, the latter are the graphics cards which won’t be pitched at the MSRP, but we don’t know how much Zotac will ask above and beyond that.

At any rate, to get into the specifics, with the RTX 4070 Super graphics cards, Zotac has priced two out of three of those at the MSRP, which is good to see. Those MSRP models are the Trinity Black Edition and Twin Edge, whereas the third product, the Twin Edge OC (which is overclocked, hence the OC), doesn’t have its price listed.

Regarding the RTX 4070 Ti Super, there’s one model at the MSRP, again the Trinity Black Edition. The other two aren’t priced yet, and are the overclocked Trinity OC White and the Amp Holo.

Finally, with the RTX 4080 Super, it’s the same deal with one of the three graphics cards being at the MSRP, the Trinity Black Edition. The Trinity OC White and the Amp Extreme AIRO don’t have a price listed, again being the juiced-up versions.

Zotac RTX Super Refreshes

(Image credit: Zotac)

Analysis: The MSRP advantage

As VideoCardz observes, Nvidia’s launch protocol has changed up somewhat in recent times, and it’s no longer a case of reviews are all published, followed by graphics cards going on sale.

These days, we get a slightly staggered system of reviews. Firstly, MSRP third-party graphics card reviews are published the day before they go on sale, but other (pricier) custom models don’t have reviews published until the actual day they hit shelves. This favors gamers seeing (and buying) those MSRP GPUs, as those are the ones they’ve been reading all about the day before launch.

This also encourages Nvidia’s graphics card making partners to try and pitch cards at the MSRP if possible, and as we see, Zotac has four of nine models here – which is good news for the consumer. The more baseline pricing we see, the better, of course.

There’s a twist in the tale here though, as VideoCardz makes clear: we don’t know where those higher-end RTX Super refreshes will be pitched price-wise. In fact, the tech site has been actively trying to find out pricing for the non-MSRP models and has come up against a brick wall – no pricing has been confirmed and “no good reason” was supplied, we’re told, about why there’s this silence on the grapevine.

And that sounds a little ominous, but then again, the beefier custom graphics cards are always going to be a good bit more expensive – but might they push the boundaries a little further with these new Super models? We shall see soon enough, no doubt…

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