The impossible-to-find Fujifilm X100V could finally get a successor very soon

Fujifilm X100V
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Probably the most hyped camera for 2024 is the Fujifilm X100V's potential successor, and now we've heard the first rumors about what could become our new favorite compact camera, including its potential release date, and thin on the ground details regarding expected features. 

After the Fujifilm X100V became a 2023 Tiktok sensation, it's been virtually impossible to pick one up new, and consequently secondhand prices are even higher than new. Thankfully for those still in the X100V wings, it appears that a newer model is on the horizon, if the Fujiaddict rumor is accurate. 

Another website, Fujirumors is sounding increasingly confident as to what the new model will be called, after it was speculated to be any of the X100R, X100VI, X100 Mark VI and X200. It looks like the V will stay, and that we can now refer to the rumored model as the Fujifilm X100VI. 

We've gathered the most plausible X100VI rumors in more detail, including when we might expect to first lay eyes on what will no doubt be one of the best travel cameras you can buy – although you might have to be quick off the mark to get one.

Fujifilm X100VI rumored release date

Fujifilm X100V lens and physical controls

Fujifilm X100V lens and physical controls (Image credit: Future)

Fujiaddict has touted February 20 as the potential annoucement of the rumored X100VI. That's right around the time of CP+ 2024 – the leading camera and imaging show in Yokohama, Japan – which takes place on February 22-25, and would be an excellent stage for the announcement of the long-awaited premium fixed-lens compact. 

Of course, we don't know if the potential X100VI will enjoy the same cult status as the X100V, but if you're looking to pick up the latest Fujifilm model you might have to get your pre-order in fast. Adjusting for inflation on top of the X100V launch price, we'd expect the new model to cost around $1,599 / £1,499 / AU$2,649.

Speaking of the lens, that same Fujiaddict rumor story also suggests that the X100VI will utilize the exact same lens as the X100V – the 23mm f/2, with no optical image stabilization (OIS). Many avid X100V shooters have placed some kind of image stabilization high on their wishlist for future improvements, and so that rumor comes as a blow; though it is merely a rumor, and Fujifilm could go one better in the next model and utilize in-body image stabilization (IBIS) instead. 

OIS is a highly prized feature in premium cameras that will often be used handheld, like the X100V. The Ricoh GR III, another compact camera that's popular with street photographers, offers three stops of stabilization, so you can get away with slower shutter speeds in low light. 

If the rumored release date is true, we'd expect the rumors regarding the potential X100VI's specification to intensify in the run-up to February 20, which will no doubt make interesting reading for X100-series fans. 

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