The 8 Fujifilm X100V accessories I can’t live without

Fujifilm X100V camera on wooden table with multiple accessories attached including tabletop tripod and square filter set
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The Fujifilm X100V is one of the most popular retro-inspired cameras on the planet. Despite being three years old, after the camera became a TikTok sensation in early 2023, the X100V has become one of the most sought-after cameras of the year, with demand far outstripping supply. And while a social media trend doesn’t necessarily reflect a true view of the world, in the case of the X100V, there’s no denying that it’s one of the best compact cameras currently available.

If you own an X100V – I was lucky enough to pick mine up back in 2021 – or even if you own one of the previous-generation models, there are some incredibly useful accessories available that can hugely enhance your shooting experience. And while the X100V is undoubtedly one of the best travel cameras money can buy, it’s a versatile camera that can be used to shoot most types of photography.

When I bought my X100V, my intention for it was to be a ‘take everywhere’ camera; one that was small, lightweight, provides excellent image quality and offers the level of control I enjoy with my main full-frame Sony cameras. I use the camera to shoot most subjects including landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, and street photography, and with the accessories I’ve carefully chosen I have a full photography kit, even including mini square filters, that fits into a tiny shoulder bag.

These are the essential X100V / X100-series camera accessories that I can’t live without…

1. NiSi UHD Filter for Fuji X100 series

Fujifilm X100V with a NiSi UV Filter attached

(Image credit: James Abbott)

One of the quirks of the X100V is that to make it fully weatherproof you have to use a UV filter to seal the lens. It’s a bit odd, but it’s the way things are, so we have to work with it. Unfortunately, the official Fujifilm UV filter, which looks the best, is quite expensive, so as a NiSi filters user I opted for the NiSi UHD Filter for Fuji X100 series. It matches the camera well, provides weather sealing, absorbs UV light, protects the front lens element, and is a high-quality filter that works with all X100-series cameras.

You can buy the NiSi UHD Filter for Fuji X100 series at Amazon

2. NiSi Fujifilm X100 Series Professional Filter Kit

Fujifilm X100V with NiSi square filters attached to the lens

(Image credit: James Abbott)

Since I mainly shoot landscape photography, square filters are an essential part of my main camera kit, so having a smaller professional-quality square filter kit for the X100V is a no-brainer. Sure, the camera has a built-in 4-stop ND filter, and I could shoot HDR to maintain sky detail, but the ability to control exposure with square filters ultimately allows me to capture landscapes and cityscapes exactly how I would normally. The only limitation is the X100V's fixed 35mm equivalent lens, but that’s nothing my legs can’t fix.

The NiSi Fujifilm X100 Series Professional Filter Kit is available at Amazon.

3. Cheap and cheerful cable release

Fujifilm X100V cable release on a wooden floor

(Image credit: James Abbott)

One of the things I love about Fujifilm cameras is that you can use the self-timer when shooting in Bulb mode, plus a timer appears on the LCD screen, so you can shoot long exposures with just a 10-stop filter in place. There’s also the ‘T’ setting, which allows you to set a variety of exposure times beyond the standard 30 seconds. Despite this, I still have an inexpensive third-party cable release to fill in exposure gaps in the T setting, and for when precise shutter release is important.

This is one of a number of third party cable releases for the X100 series of cameras available at Amazon

4. Arca-Swiss compatible L-bracket and grip

Fujifilm X100V with an L-bracket and grip attached

(Image credit: James Abbott)

Mainly for shooting landscapes and cityscapes in a portrait orientation, an L-bracket enables me to take full advantage of the head movements possible with a tripod and ball head that uses an Arca-Swiss compatible plate. Also, the X100V is small, with little in the way of a grip, so having an L-bracket with a built-in grip makes it easier and more comfortable to hold the camera in some situations; in others, such as when using a camera strap, I remove it to reduce size and weight.

You can find this Arca-Swiss compatible L-Bracket at Amazon

5. Andoer Mini Tripod 

Andoer mini tripod on a wooden floor

(Image credit: James Abbott)

Mini tripods are incredibly useful when you can’t carry, or don’t feel like carrying, even a travel tripod. Let’s face it – as useful as they are, tripods can be a burden. So, for times when I might need support for longer exposures, I use an Andoer Mini Tripod Tabletop Tripod with an Arca Swiss-compatible head. This can be placed on walls, tables, or any other elevated surface to provide versatile support. Plus, it’s compatible with my L-bracket, so great for landscape and portrait format shooting.

There are good prices for the Andoer Mini Tripod on Amazon

6. Baxxter Pro 2 with NP-W126s equivalent batteries

Baxxter Pro 2 with two NP-W126s equivalent batteries on a wooden floor

(Image credit: James Abbott)

The X100V doesn’t come with a battery charger, which isn't an issue if you only intend to have one battery, because you can’t shoot when your single battery is charging anyway. But if, like me, you like to have a spare or two, so that you can keep shooting all day without having to stop to charge batteries, a battery charger and a couple of spare batteries are a necessity. I opted for the Baxxter Pro 2 with two NP-W126s equivalent batteries, because it can be powered via a USB charger or a USB power bank.

Third party products like the Baxxter Pro 2 can be found on Amazon

7. LensPen NLP-1 Elite

LensPen lens cleaner on a wooden floor

(Image credit: James Abbott)

Going out on a shoot without lens-cleaning accessories is always a risk. Keeping the small and complete kit idea in mind, alongside carrying a lens cloth, I also carry a LensPen rather than lens cleaning fluid to make sure my filters are clean. In reality, it’s only the occasional spot of water, dust or the odd fingerprint that needs to be cleaned, and LensPens are an incredibly compact and dry option that does the job perfectly. They also have a built-in brush, so I don’t always need to use the lens cloth or the main part of the LensPen.

The LensPen NLP-1 Elite is sold on Amazon

8. Brown leather camera strap

Thin brown leather camera strap rolled up on a wooden floor

(Image credit: James Abbott)

I rarely use a camera strap for my main camera – once every couple of years at most, simply because it’s attached to a tripod 85% of the time. But when it comes to the X100V, part of my aim for the camera was to break away from this habit and to use it handheld as much as possible. I do, of course, use the X100V on tripods, but when shooting handheld and without my L-bracket/grip attached, I like to use a stylish thin brown leather camera strap to carry the camera.

This particular brown leather strap can be purchased on Amazon

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