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Acer P1265 review

A well-designed budget projector

It looks a treat, but it also has a few useful features

Our Verdict

A quiet and good looking projector bargain


  • Elegant styling
  • Extensive connectivity
  • Quiet


  • Poor audio quality
  • No Keystone Correction

The Acer P1265 is a smart DLP projector that has a black casing with some neat styling details that lift it above the average. There's a shiny panel that provides access to the lamp and an opening so you can manually rotate the focus and zoom rings. On the front there's a sliding lens cover - every projector should have one - and on the top the controls consist of four tidy buttons arranged around a navigation pad.

It looks a treat, but it also has a few useful features. So, in addition to the usual VGA, Composite and S-Video inputs, you also get a DVI input and VGA output. Unfortunately, there isn't a DVI cable in the package, which is something of an oversight.

Eco mode

The 28dB noise rating in Standard mode is reasonably quiet, but switching to Eco mode drops the noise to 24dB which is incredibly quiet. Strictly speaking you don't switch from Normal to Eco mode, but instead you turn Eco on and off, which is a fine distinction. The brightness dips when Eco is on, but we found the Acer was quite useable in a moderately lit room.

Less impressive is the mono speaker, which is feeble and distorts if it is used at any volume other than minimal.

On the matching remote there's a mysterious E button for 'Empowering Technology', which is Acer-speak for configuring the projector to your preferences. There's no auto-Keystone, but we managed to set the Acer up quite quickly and were unable to see much difference in image quality between signals on the VGA and DVI inputs.

The image quality has been set for presentations, so is harsh and bright. This is typical for a DLP projector, but it works fine in a wide variety of settings. This is a good quiet projector that represents very fair value for money.