Liquid Image Ego HD + Wi-Fi review

A tiny and affordable action cam that rivals GoPro

Liquid Image Ego HD + Wi-Fi

We disliked

Compared to other action cameras the buttons on the Ego HD are difficult to push. Also, the lack of a removable battery can be problematic. In our tests we had to recharge the battery mid-shredding in order to keep getting footage. Another option we employed is carrying a portable charger. As with all of these cameras the menu system requires a learning curve. Our biggest beef with the Ego HD is the limited mounting options when compared to other cameras.

Liquid Image Ego HD + Wi-Fi

We liked

The Ego HD offers excellent still image quality. And while the video quality isn't necessarily as sharp as that of the GoPro Hero 3, it was more than good enough for YouTube. We liked that the Ego HD is Wi-Fi-enabled which makes it relatively simple to control, but we still don't understand why more companies don't use Bluetooth. More than anything we appreciated the price point. At well below $200, the Ego HD is wildly affordable.


If you're in the market for an action cam you'd be remiss to not consider options other than industry juggernaut GoPro. With their Apex HD + Wi-Fi camera / goggles and the Ego HD Liquid Image has action camera options for any sport you're into.