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Just as it was foretold, the geek have inherited the earth. Technology now pervades almost every aspect of daily life, from the alarm clock app on your iPhone 5 that wakes you in the morning, to the TV shows you download and watch on your Nexus 7 on your way home from work.

Technology has transcended its role as a tool for human control. In many ways, it now controls us - connecting us to the world every hour of the day, making us better people and enabling us to achieve more than ever before.

And that's what TechRadar is all about. It's a site about helping you get the most out of your technology, either through our comprehensive reviews of a product to help your purchasing decision, or keeping you up to date with the latest information about the products you love and the brands you're passionate about.

It's this commitment to technology that made TechRadar the number one technology site in the UK, and one of the rising stars of the US technology media industry.

Today, we're bringing this same expertise to the local market by launching the Australian arm of TechRadar. Working hand in hand with both the UK and US teams, the Australian site will add a local voice to the site's collection of detailed, thorough reviews, breaking news stories, useful buying guides and passionate opinion pieces.

With content updates 24 hours a day from around the globe, TechRadar is your destination of choice for all your technology information on the web. You can even engage with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well.

The TechRadar experience

What separates TechRadar from the other technology sites out there is that we're committed to delivering the best reviews of technology in the world. From the moment a product is announced, the international TechRadar team is doing everything it can to bring you the latest news, opinion and hands-on with the product until we can deliver our best-in-class product review.

This commitment is reflected on the home page. All the latest news is immediately accessible, with tabbed browsing also letting you navigate by the biggest stories of the day or the most discussed.

Because reviews are so important to the TechRadar community, we've also stuck them right up the front on the home page, with tabs to select the latest or top rated products to check out.

If you're looking for a particular gadget's review, our powerful search engine will help you find what you're looking for almost immediately. Alternatively, you can browse by category using the navigation bar across the top of the page.

We're looking forward to bringing the Australian voice to TechRadar readers. Please feel free to drop into the comments to say G'Day and tell us what you think.

Having spent the past decade editing some of Australia's leading technology publications, Nick's passion for the latest gadgetry is matched only by his love of watching Australia beat England in the rugby.