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How to Google Glass

Google Glass
Your digital life accessible through this tiny touchpanel

Google has posted a video to a new 'Project Glass' account on YouTube, with a walkthrough of how the basics of Google Glass work.

For many, this will be the make or break of whether Glass replaces their boring, non-internet-afied spectacles. For as cool as the concept is, you don't want to look like a demented fool swatting at flies while trying to read a bunch of tweets, right?

It turns out the gesture commands are pretty simple. Everything takes place on a touchpanel on the side of the frames, with simple swiping gestures moving between applications and functions. There's a clock, the weather, text messages and photos, among other common apps.

Still, we're not sure this is enough to score our hard-earned cash just yet. We might wait for Glass: Terminator edition; with built-in threat analysis, targetting and a filter that makes everything look red. Check it out for yourself below.

More blips!

Hear that? That's the call of more blips coming over the airwaves. Might want to tune in.