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Google without search? It could happen if the EU gets its way

Google might be in trouble in Europe

European regulators have had Google in their crosshairs for years now over various antitrust concerns, and according to one report they might finally do something about it.

Europe's parliament is considering proposing that Google separate its search service from the rest of its commercial enterprises, reports Reuters.

The site claims to have seen a draft of this proposal that, although it didn't refer to Google by name, was clear in its intent.

The motion reportedly "calls on the Commission to consider proposals with the aim of unbundling search engines from other commercial services as one potential long-term solution."

Well that is one solution

As Reuters notes the European Parliament doesn't have the authority to force Google to split its search business off into a separate company.

But this proposal could potentially put pressure on the European Commission, which apparently does have that authority.

Meanwhile the US is losing this same battle, with a California court deciding in November that Google can re-order its search results as it sees fit under first amendment protections, despite the possibility that it might use that power to curtail competition.