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Google Glass could be back quicker than you think

We're not too sure what the next version of Google Glass will look like - the Mountain View firm has been pretty quiet on the matter since the first Explorer program shut down earlier this year.

However, Business Insider has spotted a job listing that suggests Google's engineers are making progress with Glass 2.0 and are planning to show it off in the not-too-distant future.

The post is for an Advanced Technology Manufacturing Engineer, FATP - and the FATP stands for Final Assembly, Test and Pack. In other words, getting the kit out to the masses.

Becoming a Googler

Candidates for the job need experience in launching consumer products and a strong manufacturing background. They're also going to need to know how to test goods for quality and reliability.

If you want to put your name forward then make sure you have a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering and have five years of experience in a manufacturing engineering role.

Google Glass is now under the supervision of Nest boss Tony Fadell so when the updated gadget does appear we would expect it to look as stylish as the smart thermostat. Google has promised it will come back - but right now that's all we know.