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Stan's original Wolf Creek series is streaming (and screaming) now

Stan's original Wolf Creek series is streaming and screaming now

Having already experienced great success with its first original series, No Activity, Stan has now launched its second (and much higher profile) locally-produced show, Wolf Creek.

After scaring the hell out of audiences in two Wolf Creek movies, star John Jarratt is back to terrorise audiences as the sadistic Mick Taylor in this six-part series, which is now available to stream in its entirety.

The show follows Eve (played by Lucy Fry, last seen in the Stan-exclusive show, 11.22.63) as she sets out on a roaring rampage of revenge following a run-in with notorious tourist-killer, Mick.

Described as more of a suspense-thriller that eventually moves into horror territory, you can check out the trailer below to gauge whether you’ll be able to handle Mick Taylor’s extreme brand of terror.