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Sony building two-lens Google Glass competitor

There's another speculation log on the wearable-tech fire today, with an unveiled Sony patent further suggesting that the company is building its own Google Glass rival.

This continuation patent for a "head-mounted display (HMD) apparatus", filed in November 2012, makes it immediately clear that Sony is going for a more fashionable design than Google.

The biggest difference in Sony's concept, however, is that it exists on a traditional glasses frame, letting wearers view information on both lenses instead of just one. The lenses are also adjustable, allowing users to fine tune their placement.

Not only that, but the patent shows that the HMD will include earbuds and cameras, while both lenses will be able to produce 2D content.

Practically practical

Last year we saw evidence that Sony was looking to produce its own AR specs to take on Google Glass. That patent also outlined a technology that would allow people to share information just by looking into each others' eyes.

The design we're now seeing, however, looks slightly less futuristic and a bit more like something we'd actually wear.

With this still just existing as a patent, there's no saying whether Sony will actually pull anything out of the bag. But either way, there's no denying that competitors are looking at Google Glass right now and considering their place in the HMD market.

Via TechCrunch