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Windows 8 to include Time Machine-alike History Vault

Windows 8 - with History Vault
Windows 8 - with History Vault

Microsoft is apparently integrating a feature called History Vault, which sounds remarkably similar to the well known Mac 'Time Machine' in OSX.

According to Winrumors, The History Vault functionality allows users to back up files and data automatically using the Shadow Copies function and could also allow users to restore to a particular moment in time.

That, of course, apes Time Machine, and the feature is likely to start the normal bickering about how much of Windows' UI was in fact brought to market in Mac OS.

Not to worry

Not that this will really matter to PC users who opt for Windows 8, of course, who will merely be glad of the extra functionality, and not worry too much who invented it.

Although a Windows 8 build has apparently been shipped out to key partners, Microsoft is not ready to talk about Windows 8 just yet, despite TechRadar's badgering.

We can only hope that the OS can continue the sterling efforts that we saw in Windows 7 – an operating system that appears to have changed consumer opinions of Microsoft.

Via Winrumors