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NYT: Apple, Google working on wearable computers

iPod nano
The iPod nano doubles up as a wrist watch face and could be a sign of things to come

Small teams at Apple and Google have begun working on wearable gadgets that will communicate with iOS and Android devices, according to the New York Times.

The Times claims the top secret projects are in their infancy, prototype devices have already been envisaged by teams at both companies.

According to the report, a small number of Apple employees have begun "conceptualizing and even prototyping some wearable devices."

Among devices being considered by Apple are a curved glass iPod, which would wrap around the wrist and allow users to communicate with the device through Siri.

Selling more smartphones

The aim of these wearable devices would be to send information back to the iPhone, with Apple hoping the creation will help them shift more smartphones.

Apple already encourages users to wear its new touchscreen iPod nano as a watch, so it's clear the company is not adverse to the idea of making its gadgets part of your apparel.

The New York Times also claims Google is in on the act and has hired specialists to work with its Google X Labs team to create wearable peripherals to communicate with Android.

Via: NewYorkTimes