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iTunes 9 to include Facebook support?

Facebook all cosy with iTunes 9?
Facebook all cosy with iTunes 9?

Screenshots of the next generation of iTunes have reportedly surfaced, showing new elements including Facebook integration.

The new shots show a setting whereby you're Facebook account is linked into Apple's media player, with the chosen playlist then shown on your FB page.

The presumption is that you could then view the collaborative playlist in iTunes, and probably less than subtle urgings to buy the songs from Apple.

Third party support?

The Boy Genius Report has also found (well, more was sent) pictures showing iTunes supporting a Samsung PMP, meaning Jobs' lot could have had a third party change of heart.

Obviously these screenshots have to be taken with a full shaker of salt, especially as it seems quite unlikely Apple would want to open up its media player.

That said, Jobs does like to spring the odd surprise once in a while, and multi-device support would probably attract even more users to start seeing iTunes as their primary media player.