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Pentax sale to Ricoh: update

Pentax Q system
Pentax is reluctant to clarify any further details about its sale to Ricoh

Since Pentax announced it was to be sold to Ricoh back in June we have been chasing updates to the story.

Now, we have been told by Pentax that they will not be able to offer any clarification about how the merger will affect lens production until the takeover is complete.

One particularly curious phrase in the original release stated that Hoya, the current owners of Pentax, would continue to manufacture 'Digital camera modules'.

We have been pushing to find out exactly what this phrase referred to, but interestingly Pentax is also refusing to comment on exactly what this means.


In an exclusive interview in July, Marilyn Dixon from Pentax UK told us how excited the brand was to be working with its new owner, who had plans to develop Pentax into a billion Euro brand within the next few years.

When asked about potential worry current Pentax users might have about the upcoming merger, Marilyn said it was a positive move that would lead to more collaboration and cameras from both Ricoh and Pentax.

Speaking to us earlier this week, Ricoh told us that its would be continuing to develop its GXR interchangeable unit camera. This morning it was announced that a new Leica M-mount lens unit would be available from September.

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