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UK networks respond to EU's decision to intro data roaming caps

Network response positive to data roaming caps
Go forth and roam, as the price is about to drop

Yesterday we reported that the European Parliament had given the go ahead for roaming data caps to be introduced.

TechRadar has now heard back from the UK networks, and we're please to say that the mood seems to be positive.

The caps will come into effect from July, with new limits set at 90 cents (72p) a MB and calls at 29 cents (23p) per minute. Data will eventually drop to 50 cents (40p) by 2014.

Networks fully behind the caps

O2 told TechRadar: "We will be fully compliant with these new regulations when they come into effect in July."

"Since July 2010 we've applied a £40 cap to data usage both inside and outside the EU, allowing customers to use data abroad knowing that they will not be charged more than £40 in any one billing period."

A spokesperson for the Vodafone Group said: "Vodafone has led the industry in offering roaming services that are innovative and affordable, whatever the regulatory environment.

"In terms of data, we're well below the capped rate already. In Europe we offer 25MB data for £2 a day."

Three welcomes the changes, which will improvement competition in the market: "Three has campaigned for these proposed changes as they enable competition and will deliver a better deal for consumers when travelling in Europe."

We're still waiting to hear from Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile) and we'll update this article once we get its response.