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Speak up: Google Now can now understand you better

Speak up: Google Now can now understand you better

Google has updated the listening software for its Google Now smartphone assistant, making it a better listener in the process.

Talking in a Google Research blogpost, member's of the search giant's Speech Team explained how voice search is now faster and more accurate.

A big feature of the new 'neural network acoustic models' is the ability for your phone to pick up your voice in noisy environments. We've not had time to test it yet, to see just how noisy things can get, but any improvement is welcome.

Faster than a...

Google's also managed to cut down recognising and processing time, which means the next time you speak to your phone, tablet or smartwatch you should see an improvement.

You can give the new functionality a spin now, with the update hitting the Google app on Android and iOS, as well as being baked into the dictation mode on Android.

Via The Verge