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Sony Ericsson shows 'Faith' in Windows Mobile

New Sony Ericsson Faith?
New Sony Ericsson Faith?

Sony Ericsson looks set to release another Windows Mobile device, with eco-friendly goodness and a different take on design.

The Faith is set to be a QWERTY and touchscreen candybar phone, and is sporting the latest version of Windows Mobile – 6.5.3.

This is significant as it's the 'finger-friendly' upgrade to the OS – tiles at the bottom making navigation through the previously clunky UI much more slick.

Low res

The screen is a 2.4-inch QVGA display, which may sound a little low-res for a Windows Mobile phone, but has also been dubbed 'Green Heart', which means it's probably made with eco friendly materials and uses less packaging too.

Other than that, the rumours state that the phone will have the standard Sony Ericsson WinMo panels system for easy integration and aGPS on board too.

We're a little surprised with this leak, as the Xperia X2 has flopped in the UK, not even making it to the shelves, and it seemed SE was looking to put more focus on Android with the release of the Xperia X10 and Robyn.

Via DailyiPhoneBlog