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Sony Ericsson LT28at rocks 13MP camera

Mystery Sony Ericsson LT28at rocks 13MP camera
What's Sony E got up its sleeve?

It's a busy week for Sony Ericsson; not only is it in the process of losing the 'Ericsson' and updating its existing smartphones to Ice Cream Sandwich, but it's also beavering away on a juicy-sounding superphone ready for

CES 2012


It's the hithertofore unheard of LT28at that has broken cover by way of a Bluetooth certification entry, which promises a 13MP camera, 4.55-inch HD 720p Reality Display screen, front-facing camera and LTE compatibility.

Oh, and Bluetooth of course, disappointingly only Bluetooth 2.1 rather than the snazzy new Bluetooth 3.0.

Would you like a little smartphone with that camera?

It's definitely an Android Xperia (we'd hope Android 4.0) phone, but whether it will eventually launch as Sony Ericsson or just Sony is anyone's guess.

The LT28at is described in the entry as a "Tablet capacity touch phone" and promises to bring "Xperia into super phone territory with LTE for ultra high speed entertainment".

Being LTE-enabled, there's a chance this isn't a handset destined for the UK's shores (and the listing says 'Geographic availability: North America, which isn't exactly heartening), but you never know.

With CES 2012 coming up in just a matter of weeks, we're hoping we'll find out more very soon. Stay tuned.

From Bluetooth SIG via Xperia Blog, Engadget