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New Moto phone shows up, but it's probably not the Motorola X

New Moto phone shows up, but it's probably not the Motorola X
Hey Moto, what's your name?

The now Google-owned Motorola factory may be getting back into full swing as a video has popped up online showing a mystery device proudly sporting the firm's emblem.

This leak comes courtesy of Vietnamese site Tinhte which claims to have gotten its hands on a currently unknown Motorola smartphone running Google's Android Jelly Bean software.

According to the report the Moto handset in question packs a screen somewhere in the region of 4.65-inches boasting a 720p resolution and 320ppi pixel density.

Take a guess

That's hardly awe-inspiring specs as other manufacturers are churning out full HD displays, and while the Motorola device may pack 2GB of RAM it seems to be a little on the chunky side.

Round the back there's a camera and single LED flash, but the resolution of the lens isn't disclosed in the video - and the styling Motorola has supposedly employed does remind us a little of the rear of the HTC One.

It's thought that this handset may be a mid- to high-end offering which could very well slide in under the potentially Google branded Motorola X handset which is currently being touted as the first phone to run Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie - although we're not counting our chickens just yet.

We've seen a few handset come out of Motorola recently including the Razr HD and Intel-powered Razr i, but nothing that has really challenged those at the top of the smartphone pile. Perhaps that will change later this year.

Via TheNextWeb