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New leak further points to Android KitKat and Sense 6 for HTC One Two

An up to date OS and UI only make us more excited

Rumours about the HTC One Two have been flying thick and fast, but two of those rumours have recently been given a little more credence.

We've heard before that the HTC One Two will likely come with Android 4.4 KitKat alongside version 6 of the Sense UI, but now the insider @LlabTooFeR has tweeted something approaching a confirmation, stating that 'at the moment they are testing the device on 4.4.2 and next version of Sense.'

HTC One Two tweet

Not just any tipster

When @LlabTooFeR says something about HTC it's worth paying attention, as he / she /they've got a proven track record. For example back in May they let slip about the HTC One's impending update to Android 4.2.

Not that it should be surprising that the HTC One Two is coming with both the latest version of Android and a new version of Sense, but then the HTC One launched one Android version behind, so it's nice to get some reassurance.

It's not known what will actually be included in Sense 6. A wider range of news sources for BlinkFeed would be a good start, and a more intuitive menu system wouldn't go amiss either.