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Microsoft brings WP emulator to Android and iPhone

Windows Phone
The Windows Phone emulator allows iPhone and Android users to experience Microsoft's OS

Microsoft has enabled Android and iPhone users to get a taste of what life would be like on Windows Phone, with a neat browser-based demo.

The HTML5 demonstration showcases Windows Phone's Metro user-interface and allows you to follow through and experience the operating system's basic functionality.

You can view within the Phone, People, Messaging, Outlook, Calendar, Family, Local Scout and Picture tiles, while the emulator guides you through the main features.

Each of the tiles work as they would on any Windows Phone 7 handset.

Shedding the stigma

Android and iPhone users can reach the Windows Phone demo by typing into the browser.

The demonstration is a nice idea from Microsoft, as it seeks to prize away mobile users from the big two and shed the stigma of previous Windows Mobile iterations.

Via: Engadget, Windows Phone Thoughts