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iPhone 4 reception issues fix landing today?

Update to iOS4 set to fix reception problems with iPhone 4
Update to iOS4 set to fix reception problems with iPhone 4

Steve Jobs has dropped a big hint that the reception problems with the iPhone 4 might be solved in the near future.

Apple's support forums have apparently confirmed an iOS 4.0.1 is set to drop this week, perhaps as early as today, although these posts have now been removed.

As AppleInsider points out, the reception issues may not be real at all, with the phone merely misreading the signal strength it's receiving.

This is backed up by the fact many iPhone 3GS users who have stated that the reception on their phone has decreased since upgrading to iOS4 - which obviously wouldn't have happened if the problem was hardware based.


However this doesn't mean it's just a fictional issue - even if the iPhone 4 is receiving good signal, it can't read it, as our tests have proven that if you hold the iPhone 4 in your left hand the signal drops from 3G to EDGE to nothing at all, and internet performance falls dramatically too.

One user believes Steve Jobs may have dropped a little hint that there is an update coming, as a user on MacRumors forums has posted an email believed to be from Jobs himself stating:

"There is no reception issue. Stay tuned."

We're still miles away from being convinced that there is a fix to this problem - the fact a cover sorts the issue out means it feels much more hardware than software related.

We'll wait and see though - if Apple does manage to sort the problem out within four days then the rest of the world probably will forget it ever happened.

Via AppleInsider