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Google phone: destined for failure?

Vodafone chief Arun Sarin has suggested that if Google was to launch its own mobile phone operating system, it would be destined to underachieve. As quoted at Times Online, Sarin said that a Google phone would have nothing original to offer an already crowded marketplace.

"What is it that is missing in life that they are going to fulfil?" he said. "You can reach Google already through a number of devices. You don't need a Google phone to do that."

Would you buy a Gphone?

Rumours were rife for months that Google was working on a new mobile handset. But then it came to light that actually it was probably working merely on a mobile phone operating system. If this is the case then Google is no doubt preparing to pit itself directly in competition against Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6 software.

Google in fact already has deals in place with some networks which involves putting Google applications like search on handsets.

It has also recently purchased phone software company Jaiku.

The rumours have all but reached critical mass and an announcement is expected soon. No one knows, of course, what shape or form the rumoured OS will take. Or whether it will be any good. Or if anyone will want it.