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HTC talking up Android tablet?

The HTC tablet - when will it land?
The HTC tablet - when will it land?

Speculation that HTC will be bringing out a tablet to rival the iPad has grown after an interview with CEO Peter Chou.

Speaking to Mobile Business Briefing, Chou spoke about wanting to give consumers as much choice as possible in their gadget choices:

"[Customers] may want Windows or Android; or they may want big screen or small screen, they may want keyboard or tablet; HTC will let the consumer decide," Chou said in the interview.

Not what it seems

This has led to some news outlets considering this a confirmation of a tablet device - but it seems more likely it's something that's been lost in translation, as a tablet device can be anything from 3.5- to 15-inch screen size, meaning it includes smartphones and doesn't automatically mean an iPad competitor.

While it seems nailed on HTC will bring out a 'proper' tablet device in the future, this doesn't seem the confirmation we're looking for - that HTC Wonderslab will have to hang on for a few more months.

Via Mobile Business Briefing