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HTC Lancaster - the Magic with a QWERTY

The HTC Lancaster
The HTC Lancaster

Another Android phone from HTC has leaked out, and this time it's decided to fuse together two of its previous efforts to make the QWERTY HTC Lancaster.

While we have no idea where the name comes from, especially given it has come from Taiwan and will launch in the US (initially at least), so the associations with the WW2 plane seems a little spurious.

However, we are seeing a decent spec list to coo over, with a 3MP camera with no autofocus, microSD expansion and Bluetooth. OK, perhaps not coo over... maybe be underwhelmed by instead

QWERTY and slim

But there will the aforementioned QWERTY slider in a very thin chassis, Android in its most updated form as well as HTC's own social messaging interface... we're hoping that means more than a bunch of links for FaceBook and MySpace.

The lack of a keyboard was the main gripe for many of those looking to use the HTC Magic, so this could be just the change they were looking for.

However, although a US launch date has been given of 3 August, Engadget has said that this will likely be delayed thanks to carrier branding issues, and given it hasn't even appeared in the UK, we could be in for a bit of a wait.

Via Engadget Mobile